It’s been a while…

Our last update has definitely been quite a while ago, but we can assure you, the IndieProject is still alive and kicking. Progress has been made, code has been written, a concept has been outlined. And while we got our technical front covered, we still could use some additional manpower, especially in the creative field. So if you are adept in modeling, texturing or any art in general and want to contribute to an ambitious gameproject, let us know and visit us! Our weekly meetings are always open for new potential members. Currently we meet in the Hochschule in Trier, just contact us and we will happily share the details.

Hack day

Our last meeting was really productive and the ideas of different people start to form a consistent and interesting world and story.

To speed up development and to get everyone even more involved we also decided to do a hack day, an event were we will work together for a whole day. We will target all aspects of the game from programming and gameplay to writing and character design, and hopefully we will get a whole lot of stuff done.

If you are thinking of joining our endeavour to create our own and awesome game, you are very welcome to do so and the hackathon is the perfect opportunity for you to test the water. We are especially looking for people with skills in art and design, but you can contribute in any area that interests you.

When: Hack day will be on May 25, 2013, starting at 11:00

Where: At the place of the, Paulinstraße 123, 54292 Trier



Big things have small beginnings

What is the most resilient parasite? That’s right, an idea.

And I am happy to say that everybody in the IndieProject-Team is infected with the idea of creating an entire videogame from scratch. Of course this process again starts with ideas, which we are busy collecting right now. Some ideas are quite concrete and final, but many more are yet to be decided upon. Gamemechanics, gamedynamic, gameaesthatics, everything is more or less still left in the open. But eventually these things will get sorted out and we will get one step closer to pull off the idea which stood in the beginning.

Needless to say that any help is always very much appreciated. If you have own ideas and thoughts please do not hesitate to join us on our journey. It will be all the more thrilling.

Still alive

Three busy month have passed since our project started.

And here we are, alive and kicking. In the last three month the project matured from vague ideas into a real project.

We developed, discarded and shaped concepts of the games we want to make, until we found the one idea we really want to realize. We had to setup the infrastructure and tools we need for the job. We designed and programed the foundations of our game.

Now we are looking forward to see our ideas evolve further and then become the game we strive for.

Round One

Starte etwas neues mit dem Indie Game Project Trier.

Du bist Programmierer oder Designer? Es macht die Spaß neue User Interfaces oder Spielmechaniken auszutüfteln? Oder vielleicht hast du auch einfach nur diese spannende Geschichte im Kopf die darauf wartet erzählt zu werden?

Dann komm’ zum ersten Treffen des Indie Game Project Trier um deine Ideen mit anderen zusammen um zusetzten.


Am Freitag 8. Februar 2013 ab 19:00


In der Paulinstraße 123, 54292 Trier, in den Räumen des